Nanje 2

Nanje 2 - 35ft

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Boat description

Nanje 2 - 35ft is a compact, versatile yacht with a fantastic cruising experience. It's sleek design and comfortable interior make it perfect for leisurely trips and intimate gatherings. Whether exploring coastal waters or enjoying water sports, Nanje 2 provides a delightful escape on the water. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a smaller yet stylish yacht.

Nanje 2 - 35ft is a great vessel for an exceptional sightseeing tour experience. With its compact yet comfortable size, it offers an intimate and immersive journey to explore the surrounding sights and attractions. Whether cruising along picturesque coastlines or navigating charming waterways, Nanje 2 ensures an unforgettable adventure.

This stylish boat is designed to provide optimal views of the surrounding landscapes. Its open deck layout allows passengers to move freely and enjoy unobstructed vistas. Guests can unwind and appreciate the scenic views in comfort with abundant seating and a thoughtfully designed canopy that provides sun protection.

Safety and comfort are paramount aboard Nanje 2. The vessel is equipped with life jackets for all passengers, ensuring peace of mind throughout the tour. The boat's stable and maneuverable design ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, even in varying water conditions.

The sightseeing tour on Nanje 2 takes guests on a captivating journey to explore the region's most iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and natural wonders. From historic buildings and architectural marvels to breathtaking coastal landscapes and wildlife sanctuaries, each destination offers a unique and enriching experience.

Embark on a sightseeing tour aboard Nanje 2 - 35ft and immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of the surroundings. Discover the region's hidden treasures and create lasting memories of your journey on this remarkable vessel.


  • Name: Nanje 2 - 35ft
  • Length: 35 feet
  • Capacity: up to 10 Guests
  • Crew: 2
  • Minimum charter period: 2 hours
  • Maximum charter period: 24 hours
  • Advance Notice: 4 hours
  • Boat license required: No


Spacious DeckAmple room on the Nanje 2's deck for guests to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the surrounding views.
Seating ArrangementsComfortable seating arrangements on the deck for socializing and enjoying the journey in a cozy atmosphere.
Shade OptionsShade options, such as a canopy or umbrella, ensure guests have a comfortable space to escape the sun.
Storage FacilitiesStorage facilities are provided on the Nanje 2 to keep personal belongings safe and organized during the trip.


Life JacketsSafety is a top priority on the Nanje 2, as it is equipped with life jackets to ensure the well-being of all passengers.
WashroomConvenient washroom is available onboard for guests to freshen up during the excursion.
Fishing GearFishing enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite hobby with the provided fishing gear on board.
Quality Sound SystemGuests can enhance their experience with a quality sound system, allowing them to enjoy their favorite music while cruising.
Sunbathing on ForedeckSpacious foredeck area on the Nanje 2, where guests can sunbathe and relax in ultimate comfort.
LightingAdequate lighting on the Nanje 2 ensures a pleasant ambiance during evening or nighttime trips.

Crew and services

The Nanje 2 is operated by a professionally licensed captain and crew who ensure guests' safe and enjoyable experiences. The crew is well-trained and knowledgeable, providing excellent customer service throughout the trip. Safety is a top priority, and the yacht is equipped with all necessary safety equipment to ensure a safe journey on the water.

Pricing and Availability

"Nanje 2 - 35ft" can be chartered at AED 320 per hour. A security deposit of AED 300 is required. Please get in touch with us for detailed information.

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Amenities & Entertainment

To enhance your leisure and enjoyment, Nanje 2 provides the following amenities. For additional information, kindly consult with your yacht charter broker.

Life jackets
Fishing gear


320 AED/hour

Trip date
Charter time
320 AED/hour
35 ft. / 10.67 m.
Year built
Gulf Craft