Predator - 108ft

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Boat description

The "Predator - 108ft" is an awe-inspiring vessel that combines power, luxury, and cutting-edge technology. With 108 feet, this magnificent yacht offers a spacious, opulent interior and top-of-the-line amenities. Its sleek design and high-performance capabilities make it a true predator of the seas.

Step aboard the "Predator - 108ft," an exceptional example of a spacious Sunseeker yacht that exudes elegance and luxury. With its sleek design and remarkable features, this vessel offers an unforgettable experience on the open waters.

The Predator combines style with functionality, measuring an impressive 108 feet in length and providing ample space for relaxation and entertainment. The yacht features four stunningly appointed cabins, each meticulously designed to offer comfort and privacy to its occupants.

The Predator becomes a haven of relaxation and entertainment as the sun sets. Unwind on the spacious deck areas, where comfortable seating and lounging options abound. Enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the yacht's skilled chef in the alfresco dining area while the crew ensures impeccable service throughout your journey.

The "Predator - 108ft" is a testament to luxury and sophistication, offering an unrivaled yachting experience. Whether seeking a tranquil escape or a memorable celebration on the water, this exceptional Sunseeker yacht promises an unforgettable voyage that exceeds all expectations.


  • Name: Predator - 108 ft
  • Length: 108 feet
  • Cabins: 4
  • Capacity: up to 25 Guests
  • Minimum charter period: 4 hours
  • Maximum charter period: 24 hours
  • Advance Notice: 12 hours
  • Boat license required: No


Spacious CabinsSerene and private retreats in four meticulously designed cabins.
Ample StorageConvenient storage space is available for guests' belongings.
Guest CapacityAccommodates up to 25 guests, perfect for larger groups or events
PrivacyTranquil sanctuaries in each cabin for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Elegant InteriorsTastefully decorated cabins with plush bedding and exquisite furnishings.
Unforgettable ExperienceIndulge in the lap of luxury aboard the "Predator - 108ft" with exceptional accommodation options.


Wi-FiSeamless internet access is available throughout the yacht.
Life jacketsEnsuring safety with provided life jackets for all passengers.
CabinLuxurious and well-appointed cabins for a comfortable stay.
ToiletPrivate toilet facilities in each cabin for convenience.
Fishing gearTop-quality fishing gear on board for thrilling fishing expeditions.
BBQBuilt-in BBQ equipment on the deck for fun cookouts.
BluetoothConnect your devices to the yacht's Bluetooth system for personalized entertainment.
Air conditioningOptimal comfort with air conditioning available throughout the yacht.
Watersports equipmentEngage in thrilling water activities with various watersports equipment at your disposal.

Crew and services

The crew on board the "Predator - 108ft" consists of highly professional and attentive staff dedicated to exceptional service. From skilled captains navigating the yacht to experienced chefs creating gourmet meals, the crew ensures a seamless and unforgettable experience. Guests can expect personalized assistance and hospitality throughout their journey.

Pricing and Availability

"Predator - 108ft" can be chartered at AED 6500 per hour. Please get in touch with us for detailed information.

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6,500 AED/hour

Trip date
Charter time
6,500 AED/hour
108 ft. / 32.92 m.
Year built