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Leading yacht charter companies in Dubai

Craving for some alone time at sea but without the heavy expenses? Why not rent a yacht and get the best of both worlds? The city within the United Arab Emirates is known for its luxury and eclectic nature. If there's one thing for sure, you will have endless opportunities for entertainment here. Booking with Book.Boats, one of the top yacht charter companies in Dubai, you'll get to know all the amazing sights of Dubai while enjoying the luxury and privacy of your own space. You can now celebrate your birthday or plan a surprise proposal in a unique way by renting a yacht with Book.Boats!


Get a Comprehensive Fleet of Yachts with our yacht experience Dubai

If you're seeking a memorable and interesting way to see Dubai, chartering a boat with best yacht experience Dubai is a great option. Not only will you get to enjoy the city from a different perspective, but you'll also have the peace of mind of knowing that someone with experience is at the helm. So all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! Celebrate your birthday on a luxury yacht in Dubai. Book.Boats have a comprehensive fleet of yacht options for small and large gatherings, particularly for birthdays. Whether you choose a mega luxury yacht for a big party bash in Dubai or a small private peaceful yacht for just two of you, we decorate all of our yachts with a picture-perfect look of a birthday party.

Why choose Book Boats as one of the top yacht charter companies Dubai?

With Book.Boats, you receive unrivalled luxury and comfort because our yachts are furnished with cutting-edge amenities that make your time onboard exciting and peaceful. From air conditioning to entertainment systems, we've got it all covered, making us the top charter yacht companies Dubai. On a luxury yacht rental in Dubai, you may take in the picturesque splendour of the city from a different angle. Jet skiing, wakeboarding, and flyboarding are just a few of the water sports available on our luxury boats. We offer specialised packages to meet your requirements. To deliver the best service possible, our skilled crew members and chefs receive extensive training. We offer a variety of cuisines, from traditional Arabic to foreign cuisine, to satisfy your palate.

How to book a yacht ?


Choose Yacht

Browse our wide selection of boats to choose the one that best meets your needs and budget range.


Confirm the Yacht

After choosing the yacht, confirm the booking and send the required deposit. Please contact us if you have any questions or needs.


Enjoy the Yacht

On the day of your excursion, show up at the specified meeting place to board the yacht. You can count on our personnel to make your day at sea relaxing and enjoyable.

 Types of Yachts

Regardless of whether you're looking for a yacht for a date night, cruising, fishing, or exploring, there is a boat type to suit every need and want. Here are a few of the several kinds of yachts that Book.Boats offer for charter:

Stealth Yacht

Anybody searching for an adventurous ride should consider a stealth yacht, which is an elegant, beautiful boat built for speed and agility.

Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are ideal for those who prefer a pleasant and seamless sailing experience because they are powered by engines. They have plenty of space and contemporary conveniences.


FS Yachts Wide, which is recognised for its expansive and sophisticated cabins, are ideal for families and people who are  looking to destress and take a nice relaxing sail.

Luxury Yachts

Luxury boats, as their name implies, provide the best sailing experience possible, complete with best-in-class amenities, culinary delights, and excellent customer service. Rent now with Book.Boats are one of the top yacht charter companies in Dubai.


We also rent Superyachts, which are bigger and more extravagantly furnished than luxury yachts. Many decks, swimming pools, theatres, and other luxury amenities are typically present.

Catamaran Yachts

If you like sailing and participating in water sports like diving and snorkelling, you can choose this yacht. Because of its two hulls, which increase stability and smooth out the ride, these boats are the best option for satiating your urge for adventure.

Most Popular

200+ Boats & Yachts

The widest range of boats, in Dubai Marina and Dubai Harbour

Certified Boats

The most accurate database of quality boats available in the market from professional charter companies only.

Experienced Captain & Crew

Stress-free holidays with a professional and experienced crew.

Excellent client assistance

Team of dedicated consultants providing a 7-day customer service before, during and after departure.

 Additional service offered by Book.Boats

Book.Boats offers a variety of services in addition to yacht charters to make your trip even more unforgettable. Allow our knowledgeable staff to lead you around the city's must-see sights and secret gems.

Yacht decorations

We provide customised boat decoration services where you can order balloons and streamers in the colour, quantity, style, and size of your choice.


Catering services can be tough to find, but at Book.Boats, we have everything you need when it comes to catering services! From cocktail parties to weddings, we have the best food and drink selections for any yachting event!

Water Sports

Dubai is a premier water sport and luxury boating destination. We provide a varied range of water sports activities like sailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, banana boats etc.

Photo Shooting

Photo Shoots on Yachts are now the new ideas on the block to make wonderful memories. With our photo shooting services, capture those special memories on yachts with breathtaking views. We provide you with various options for video shooting as well.

Self-driving boats

This private boat rental experience allows one to enjoy the freedom of exploring Dubai bay without having to share the boat with a captain and crew. Plan your own itinerary and enjoy the company of just your party as you drive the boat at your own pace. Along the way, look out for various aquatic animals.

Electric foil board rental

Experience flying across the water on an electric foil board! Different from surfing and stand-up paddle boarding – it's an experience like no other on the water. You'll quickly learn how fun and unique it is!  

Wakeboard Rental Dubai

Booking this activity with Book.Boats will help you get your adrenaline pumping while visiting Dubai. Step into the water to feel the rush of gliding between the waves. To learn the sport, schedule a lesson, or if you have prior experience, schedule a tryout. 

Seabob rental

Whether the tour is guided or not, it will take you to see corals, tropical fish, and turtles while moving slowly so you can appreciate the seafloor. To have some fun and search for sea turtles, you can also rent a sea bob and stay close to the beach. Anyone can enjoy the sea bob as it's a fairly simple process, and it's an unforgettable experience.

Banana Boat Ride

With this entertaining banana boat ride, you will get a taste of euphoria while visiting Dubai. Be ready to get wet as you board the banana boat, which has room for up to six people. You will be towed behind a motorboat. As you travel along the shore, take in the scenery and hold on tight as you gain speed. 

Fly Fish Boat Rental

In fly fishing, whether, from a boat or the beach, the angler casts and presents a fly (an artificial lure) for the fish to consume. Get a fly fishing boat from Book.Boats to enjoy the exhilaration of fly fishing on the lake.

FlyBoard rental

If you want to try one of the newest water sports in the world and profit from the breathtaking setting for your action-packed adventure while visiting Dubai, then this is for you. Your instructor will first teach you how to use high-speed water jets to lift yourself into the air during your flyboarding session. 

Donut Ride Rental

The donut is a new kind of towable thrill coaster that you can experience if banana boats are too tame for you. On an inflatable with holes to help keep you inside and being towed by a speedboat, experience the thrills and spills as you bounce over the water. 

Jet Ski Rental

Dubai's skyline and landmarks can be seen clearly from the Persian Gulf because nothing is in the way of the view. On this tour, you'll have plenty of time to take in the sights and the exhilaration of a Jet Ski ride. Snap Instagram-worthy pictures as you cross the ocean to see the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and the city skyline.  

Fishing Yacht Rental

 Enjoy a sumptuous brunch prepared by our talented chefs, sip on your favourite cocktails, and take in the stunning views of Dubai's iconic landmarks. And with our attentive crew at your service, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment of your cruise. So why settle for a boring brunch when you can elevate your experience with a mega yacht cruise?

Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

With Book.Boats, escape the bustle of Dubai's crowded streets and enjoy a tranquil and pleasant mega yacht brunch cruise. With spectacular views of the city skyline, a delectable array of gourmet cuisine, and the ideal location, brunch on one of our yachts is sure to be a special occasion.

Fishing Charter in Fujairah

Our fishing charter is the perfect way to enjoy the thrill of the catch, with the opportunity to catch some of the most exotic fish species in the region. From yellowfin tuna to king mackerel, our experienced crew will guide you to the best fishing spots and provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Benefits of hiring a boat in Dubai

If you want to have the perfect yacht day in Dubai, you should consider renting a boat from Book.Boats. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the city's well-known attractions, including the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Marina, from a unique vantage position. You get to experience the pinnacle of luxury on a yacht with luxurious amenities, plush couches, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. On a yacht, you can relax and unwind away from the crowds and noise of the city because they provide a level of seclusion and exclusivity that is hard to get elsewhere. Our qualified personnel, which includes a captain and crew members, are accessible to you when you rent a boat from us in Dubai to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay on board. You can unwind and savour your time on the lake now that all of your worries are gone.

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I had the most incredible experience on Book Boats' luxury yacht! The crew was so friendly and attentive, and the yacht was equipped with all the amenities I could have ever wanted.


Apr 17, 2023

I've never felt more relaxed than I did on the catamaran yacht! The waters were calm, and the yacht was incredibly stable, making it the perfect choice for a peaceful sailing experience.


Apr 17, 2023

The motor yacht was an absolute dream! The sleek and modern design was breathtaking, and the power of the engine made for a thrilling ride.


Apr 17, 2023


I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful experience on the super yacht! The staff put in extra effort to make us feel at ease, and the luxurious amenities were out of this world.


Apr 17, 2023

The FS Yacht Wide was the perfect choice for our family vacation. The spacious deck and luxurious interiors provided ample room for everyone to  relax and enjoy the stunning views of Dubai's coastline.


Apr 17, 2023



Do you offer private and exclusive yacht rentals?

Yes, we offer exclusive yacht rentals in Dubai. Onboard there will be a captain and crew to host you during your trip. However, the yacht will be private for you and not shared with other guests. Contact the best yacht charter companies in Dubai, Book.Boats, to learn more about our exclusive and private yacht rentals in Dubai.

Can I hire other types of boats and activities in Dubai?

Yes, you can choose any boat and activities you want. There is a wide range of yacht rental options in Dubai available on Book.Boats, from small yacht rentals to large yacht charters, you can select the yacht and activities you want. 

Do you cater for occasions?

Yes, Book.Boat offers not only yacht rentals for all occasions, including a birthday party, a yacht party or a corporate event but will also provide catering services to accommodate all your unique needs and help you celebrate your special day in style!

Do you offer fishing trips in Dubai?

Yes, Book.Boats offer fishing trips with experienced fishing guides who will take you to the best fishing spots in the UAE. Regardless of your level of experience, we guarantee that you'll have a great time and enjoy some of the best fishing in Dubai!

Do you have water sports activities in Dubai?

Yes, we offer many water sports activities like jet skiing, banana boats and so on. Contact us and book any watersport you want. 

Do you offer luxury yacht rentals, including daily and weekly charters?

Book.Boat has various luxury yachts available for charter, including daily and weekly rentals. Check out the available luxury yachts available at our yacht charter companies in Dubai.

What are the sightseeing locations we will visit during our trip?

Our sightseeing map highlights all of the must-see locations while renting a yacht in Dubai. You'll be able to visit iconic landmarks like the Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah, Bluewater Island, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Marina Yacht Club, Dubai Harbour and Fishing Village.

Do you provide yacht rental services for corporate events and team building?

Yes. Regardless of whether you want to have a good time on a day off on the water with your team or a corporate event to cater to your customers, we can tailor our services to meet your requirements. Contact us to learn more about our corporate event packages.

Is travelling on a yacht in Dubai safe?

Yes, travelling on a yacht rented in Dubai is normally safe. The ships have up-to-date safety measures and are well-maintained, and yacht rental businesses frequently enforce tight safety regulations. Also, local officials in Dubai have strict regulations regarding boat rentals, constantly inspecting and approving the vessels for safety.