The World's Most Impressive Yacht Helipads

The World's Most Impressive Yacht Helipads

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  • Introduction
  • "Octopus" - The Iconic Explorer
  • "A" - A Visionary Design
  • "Serene" - A Haven of Elegance
  • "Eclipse" - Unparalleled Privacy
  • "Lady Moura" - A Glamorous Retreat
  • "Flying Fox" - A Spacious Oasis
  • "Luna" - Unmatched Size and Style
  • "Dilbar" - Unparalleled Luxury
  • "Al Mirqab" - Regal Splendor
  • "Aquijo" - The Ultimate Sailing Experience
  • "Kismet" - A Helipad with Entertainment Features
  • Conclusion



For ages, yachts have epitomized extravagance and grandeur, providing a floating haven for those pursuing unparalleled indulgence. However, some yachts take extravagance to new heights by incorporating helipads into their design. These impressive helipads add a touch of sophistication and provide a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for yacht owners and their guests. This article will explore some of the world's most impressive yacht helipads, each boasting unique features and breathtaking views.


"Octopus" - The Iconic Explorer


The superyacht "Octopus" sets itself apart with its state-of-the-art helipad that can accommodate a helicopter up to 18 meters long. Owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, this impressive vessel features an innovative helipad that can transform into a basketball court or a dance floor. It is Set upon the elevated deck, the helipad unveils a mesmerizing panorama, providing guests with a breathtaking backdrop as they are whisked away by helicopter, immersing themselves in the splendor of the surrounding vistas.


"A" - A Visionary Design


Crafted under the academic expertise of Philippe Starck and belonging to the esteemed Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, the superyacht "A" presents a remarkable helipad that flawlessly harmonizes with its sleek and avant-garde aesthetics. In addition, the helipad at the bow of the yacht is equipped with a hidden hangar, ensuring a clean and unobstructed deck when the helicopter is not in use. This minimalist helipad perfectly complements the yacht's unique aesthetics and serves as a testament to its avant-garde design.


"Serene" - A Haven of Elegance


The magnificent yacht "Serene" boasts a helipad as elegant as the vessel. This 133-meter superyacht, owned by Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler, features a helipad on the foredeck. The helipad's retractable design makes it truly impressive, which allows it to be concealed when not in use, ensuring a seamless appearance. In addition, the helipad is surrounded by luxurious lounging areas, providing the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the surrounding views.


"Eclipse" - Unparalleled Privacy


Owned by billionaire Roman Abramovich, the superyacht "Eclipse" is renowned for its exceptional privacy and security features. Its helipad on the upper deck is equipped with advanced technology, including anti-paparazzi lasers that detect any camera lenses within a certain radius. This innovative feature ensures the utmost privacy for the yacht's owners and guests. The helipad also boasts a sleek design, blending seamlessly with the yacht's overall aesthetic.


"Lady Moura" - A Glamorous Retreat


The luxurious yacht "Lady Moura" features a helipad that embodies the epitome of glamour and sophistication. Owned by Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid, this opulent vessel showcases a helipad adorned with gold accents and the yacht's name engraved in gold lettering. The helipad, located on the foredeck, is a striking centerpiece that adds a touch of grandeur to the yacht's exterior.


"Flying Fox" - A Spacious Oasis


The impressive helipad on board the superyacht "Flying Fox" is a testament to its vast dimensions and luxurious amenities. This 136-meter yacht, owned by billionaire businessman Dmitry Pumpyansky, features a helipad on the upper deck, providing ample space for helicopters to land and take off. In addition, the helipad is surrounded by lounging areas, jacuzzis, and even a 12-meter swimming pool, creating a lavish oasis for guests to enjoy while enjoying the breathtaking views from above. The combination of a spacious helipad and luxurious amenities makes "Flying Fox" an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and convenience.


"Luna" - Unmatched Size and Style


With its massive size and elegant design, the yacht "Luna" showcases a helipad that perfectly complements its grandeur. Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, this 115-meter superyacht features a helipad situated on the foredeck. What sets it apart is the helipad's ability to convert into a tennis court, adding a touch of versatility to this impressive vessel. Guests can indulge in a game of tennis while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding seascape.


"Dilbar" - Unparalleled Luxury


"Dilbar," a behemoth among yachts hailed as one of the world's largest, features an expansive helipad that perfectly complements its unmatched opulence and immense proportions. This 156-meter superyacht, owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, features a helipad on the upper deck. The helipad is meticulously designed with an emphasis on elegance and functionality. It provides a seamless connection between air and sea, allowing guests to transition from helicopter to yacht effortlessly while experiencing the utmost comfort and convenience.


"Al Mirqab" - Regal Splendor


The opulent helipad on board the yacht "Al Mirqab" exudes regal splendor and sophistication. Owned by the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, this majestic vessel showcases a helipad on the aft deck. Surrounded by sumptuous lounging zones, the helipad forms a haven where guests can unwind and savor the awe-inspiring vistas with unparalleled comfort and elegance. The intricate detailing and exquisite design make it a true standout feature of the yacht.


"Aquijo" - The Ultimate Sailing Experience


The sailing yacht "Aquijo" offers a unique take on the traditional helipad design. This impressive vessel features a helipad on the foredeck, which can transform into a spacious sunbathing or relaxing lounge space. What sets "Aquijo" apart is its ability to combine the exhilaration of sailing with the convenience of helicopter transportation. This innovative helipad allows guests to embark on unforgettable adventures, exploring land and sea in unparalleled style.


"Kismet" - A Helipad with Entertainment Features


The superyacht "Kismet" offers a luxurious helipad and incorporates entertainment features into the design. It is Situated on the upper deck, and the helipad can transform into a vibrant outdoor cinema or a spacious dance floor, providing guests with unique entertainment options. With state-of-the-art audiovisual systems and atmospheric lighting, the helipad on "Kismet" sets the stage for unforgettable parties and events, combining the thrill of helicopter arrivals with the excitement of entertainment experiences.




Yacht helipads are the epitome of luxury and convenience, providing an efficient mode of transportation while adding a touch of sophistication to these impressive vessels. From retractable designs to seamless integration with the yacht's overall aesthetics, these helipads showcase innovative features and breathtaking views. So whether you seek privacy, grandeur, or versatility, the world's most impressive yacht helipads cater to every discerning yacht owner's desires. So embark on a journey that combines luxury, style, and convenience as you touch down on these remarkable helipads and indulge in the luxury of the yachting lifestyle.