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How To Plan A Yacht Trip With Kids

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  • How to Plan a Yacht Trip with Kids:
  • Tips for a Fun and Safe Boat Family Vacation
  • Choose the Right Yacht
  • Safety First
  • Plan Activities for Children
  • Packing for the Trip
  • Choose the Right Destinations
  • Consider the Food
  • Be Flexible
  • Conclusion

Tips for a Fun and Safe Boat Family Vacation


Going on a yacht trip with children can be an amazing experience for parents and kids. It’s a chance to bond with the family, create unforgettable memories and explore beautiful destinations. However, embarking on a yacht trip with children requires careful planning and attention to detail. This article will provide tips on planning a yacht trip in Dubai with children, ensuring a fun and safe boat family vacation.


Choose the Right Yacht


When planning a yacht trip with kids, it’s important to choose the right yacht that is family-friendly. It's important to factor in your kids' ages and needs while selecting a yacht. Choose a yacht with plenty of space inside, spacious cabins, and several seating options. A yacht equipped with a flybridge or sun deck is also an excellent option for kids, giving them ample room to play and enjoy the scenery. Choosing the right yacht for your family vacation is crucial. When looking for a yacht, consider the following factors:


  • Size: Make sure the yacht is large enough to accommodate your family comfortably. Consider the number of cabins, bathrooms, and the size of the common areas like the saloon and deck.
  • Amenities: Look for yachts with amenities that will keep your children entertained. This might include a TV, DVD player, games console, water toys, swimming pool, and more.
  • Crew: Choose a yacht with a crew experienced in working with families with children. They can help keep your children safe and entertained and offer advice on the best places to visit and activities.

 Safety First


Safety is always a crown priority when planning a yacht trip with kids. Ensure your yacht has life jackets, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency communication devices, and other safety equipment. Familiarize your children with the safety procedures and rules onboard. Assign a designated area for children to play and ensure they are always supervised. If your children are young, remember to bring a baby gate to avert them from accessing hazardous areas such as the stairs or the deck.


Plan Activities for Children:


Once you've chosen your yacht, it's time to start planning activities for your family. This is where the crew can be especially helpful, as they can advise on the best places to visit and activities to do. Here are some ideas for family-friendly activities:


  • Water sports: Many yachts have water toys such as kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment. These can provide hours of entertainment for children.
  • Beach days: There are countless beautiful beaches to explore on a yacht trip. The crew can help you find the best spots and even set up a beach picnic for your family.
  • Wildlife watching: Many yacht destinations offer opportunities to watch and enjoy marine life, such as dolphins, whales, and turtles. Your crew can help you find the best places to go and may even be able to arrange a guided tour.
  • Cultural experiences: Yacht trips offer the opportunity to experience different cultures and cuisines. Your crew can recommend local restaurants and attractions to visit.
  • Fun time: Bring board games, cards, books, and other forms of entertainment that your children may enjoy. If your yacht has a TV or entertainment system, bring some movies or shows your children can watch.

Packing for the Trip


When packing for a yacht trip with children, it's important to pack light and bring only what's necessary. Ensure you pack suitable clothing for the climate and activities. It's recommended to bring extra swimsuits, hats, and sunscreen. Additionally, packing snacks and drinks that your kids prefer is also essential. If your children have special dietary needs, make sure to bring along their favorite snacks and meals. Here are some essentials to consider:


  • Sun protection: Bring hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect your family from the sun.
  • Comfortable clothing: Pack comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather and easy to move around.
  • Entertainment: Bring books, games, and electronics to entertain your children during downtime.
  • Medications: If anyone in your family requires medication, bring the required for the duration of the trip.
  • Snacks: Bring plenty of snacks to keep your children fed and energized throughout the day.  

Choose the Right Destinations:


When planning a yacht trip with children, choosing family-friendly destinations is important. Look for destinations that offer activities for children, such as water parks, amusement parks, and beaches. Research the local attractions and plan some excursions that your children will enjoy. Consider the duration of the trip and the distance between destinations to avoid long periods of travel that may be challenging for children.


Consider the Food


When planning a yacht trip with kids, it's essential to consider their food preferences and dietary restrictions. Look for yachts with experienced chefs who can accommodate dietary needs and provide kid-friendly options.


Be Flexible


Stay adaptable throughout your trip to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Kids can be unpredictable, and sometimes things don't go as planned. So be open to changing plans to keep everyone happy and comfortable.




Planning a yacht trip with children can be a rewarding experience for the whole family. With these helpful tips, you can guarantee a memorable and secure family yacht trip that everyone will cherish.


Remember to choose the right yacht, prioritize safety, plan activities for children, pack appropriately, and choose the right destinations. With proper planning and preparation, a yacht trip with kids can be a dream come true.