Enjoy Dubai's warm & clear waters with stand-up paddle boarding

Enjoy Dubai's warm & clear waters with stand-up paddle boarding

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What is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)?

It is an outdoor water sports dubai activity known as stand-up paddleboarding, where a rider uses a paddle to move across the water while standing up on a big board. A form of paddleboarding known as SUP involves using your arms to move around in the water while kneeling, lying down, or standing on a long, narrow paddleboard.

Stand-up paddle gear and equipment

Depending on prevailing air temperatures, water habitats, and atmospheric circumstances, paddle boarders engage in the sport using a range of suits and other specialized apparel. The SUP equipment that potential surfers would require is listed below:

SUP board: 

A board is the primary piece of SUP equipment.  Each rider should have a board that fits according to their ability, weight, financial resources, and preferred style of boarding. The boards should have handles, fins, and deck pads attached to them.

SUP paddle: 

The next most important piece of equipment a rider may need is a SUP paddle. Similar to the board, every rider should get a paddle that fits his height, price range, and level of experience.

Personal floatation devices: 

One might need to wear flotation devices to learn and practice SUP in Dubai. Most nations consider paddleboards to be vessels, and as such, they must adhere to regulations requiring surfers to wear floatation devices when using them. It should be noted, however, that this rule only applies to boarding beyond swimming, bathing, and surfing zones.


It's crucial to have a leash. In the event of powerful waves striking you, leashes help you stay attached to your board. The decision to have one or not is, however, merely a question of preference.

The best spots for stand-up paddle boarding Dubai

One of the best methods to combat the heat, tone up, and finish with a golden tan is stand-up (SUP) paddle boarding, which combines the benefits of swimming, sunbathing, and fitness.

Are you ready to get on the water? These are some of the best spots for stand-up paddle boarding Dubai:

  • Nessnass beach, Jumeirah
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The Nessnass Beach in Dubai, often known as the Kitesurf Beach, is situated in Jumeirah, behind the Sunset Mall. This kite beach resembles a bay and is typically not overcrowded, especially on the weekends, making it the perfect place to practice SUP in Dubai.

  • Kite Beach Dubai
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Kite Beach Dubai is also known as kite surfers beach, which is situated just 2 km away from Burj Al Arab. Beginners can improve their technique and gain confidence on the flat waters of the kite beach in the early morning.

  • Dubai Marina
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One of the most exciting locations in Dubai to go SUP is Dubai Marina. Early in the morning is the best time of day for SUP in Dubai because most of the boats are still parked. The Dubai Marina Yacht Club or the public beach at the Jumeirah Beach Residence are the two ways to access the Dubai Marina.

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